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    Sclavus (Sclavos)



    Sclavos - Efranor

    Sclavos - Efranor

    • winery: Sclavus (Sclavos)
    • vintage: 2020
    • varietal: Moschatela/Vostilidi
    • region: Ionian Islands, Cephalonia
    • country: greece
    • ABV: 14.9%
    • size: 750mL

    Sclavos is known for his natural vinification techniques and for the most terroir-driven wines of Cephalonia. Minimum sulphites and indigenous yeasts give his wines a very impressive imprint. Efranor does not differ from this philosophy. The ratio is 70% Moschatela and 30% Vostilidi. Moschatela gives its aromatic and elegant character, while Vostilidi gives acidity and structure. Efranor is, according to many, one of Sclavos finest whites that literally pulls you from the nose with an intense floral character that includes jasmine, lemon, and orange blossoms. Secondarily, juicy, ripe citrus fruits like lemon, tangerine, and bergamot steal the show. On the palate, it has medium body and balanced acidity. Citrus blossoms and ripe fruit such as orange, lemon, and apricot make up an impressive set. Enjoyable, long-lasting aftertaste.