Grape Crush | Scholium Project - 1MN (Bechtold Ranch)

    Bechtold Ranch Vineyard, Scholium Project



    Scholium Project - 1MN (Bechtold Ranch)

    Scholium Project - 1MN (Bechtold Ranch)

    • winery: Bechtold Ranch Vineyard, Scholium Project
    • vintage: 2017
    • varietal: Cinsault
    • region: Lodi, California
    • country: u.s.a
    • type: new!
    • ABV: 14.1%
    • size: 750mL

    100% Ungrafted 140 year old California Cinsault! This wine is weightless and has the agility of ballet dancer: it is a perfect example of how lightness in a red wine is not necessarily at the expense of power or depth. 100% whole cluster fermented in puncheon with an undisturbed floating cap for nearly 4 weeks. Aged without interference or intervention for 12 months in neutral oak. In spite of its lightness, the wine will age well and long. An elegant wine, utterly complex with a beautiful dance of a finish.