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    Rosewood Estates Winery



    Rosewood - Discoteka

    Rosewood - Discoteka

    • winery: Rosewood Estates Winery
    • vintage: 2021
    • varietal: Chardonnay Musqué/Riesling
    • region: Niagara Peninsula
    • country: canada
    • type: support local/new!
    • ABV: 10.8%
    • size: 750mL

    Discoteka is a high energy pét-nat that pays homage to nights spent grooving on the dance floor to the sweet, sweet sounds of disco. It's a ‘zero-zero’ wine, bottled without any adjustments and bottled unfiltered before the end of alcoholic fermentation. To help recreate this experience, a QR code enabled Discoteka playlist is found on the back of each bottle for your listening (and drinking) pleasure.