Grape Crush | Raïmones - Engrescada Red




    Raïmones - Engrescada Red

    Raïmones - Engrescada Red

    • winery: Raïmones
    • vintage: 2020
    • varietal: Marina/Xarel.lo/Mandó/Cabernet Sauvignon
    • region: Catalonia
    • country: spain
    • type: new!
    • ABV: 12.9%
    • size: 750mL

    Meet your new go-to chillable companion! The newest generation of 3 wine making families has come together to produce some seriously tasty wines while renewing interest in a unique varietal with less than 10 ha planted worldwide - Marina. This light youthful red is a fieldblend of Marina, Xarel.lo, Mandó and Cabernet Sauvignon. Fresh, aromatic, super juicy and fruity with a little funky touch.