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    Pearl Morisette



    Pearl Morissette - Primesautier

    Pearl Morissette - Primesautier

    • winery: Pearl Morisette
    • vintage: 2020
    • varietal: Lemberger/Cab Franc/Merlot
    • region: Four Mile Creek, Niagara Peninsula
    • country: canada
    • type: new!/support local
    • ABV: 12.5%
    • size: 750mL

    Explosive, lush and indulgent - three of at least a hundred adjectives we can reel off about this Lemberger, Cab Franc and Merlot blend. Either way, there's little point in beating around the proverbial bush - this is a satiating wine of immense pleasure. The mouthfeel is glossy with an energy that pulses through the wines in bursts of hedonism. Juicy with crunchy red currant, tart blackberry, rhubarb on a slight, tight, peppery palate. Tannins are slight and lightly furry, guiding this lighter bodied red to a spiced finish. It is a truly unapologetic bottle with a distinct and original character. Best served with a slight chill.