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    Pearl Morissette



    Pearl Morissette - Cuvée Roselana

    Pearl Morissette - Cuvée Roselana

    • winery: Pearl Morissette
    • vintage: 2020
    • varietal: Pinot Noir/Lembereger/Gamay Noir/Merlot
    • region: Niagara Peninsula
    • country: canada
    • type: support local
    • ABV: 13.0%
    • size: 750mL

    The much-beloved Roselana is finally back! The 2020 vintage is a completely dry and vinous rosé - just like all its predecessors. A wine of sensual refinement and romance, yet bold and glamorousIt's a wine that glides and vibrates, carrying intricate details in both its freshness and its power. Dark in colour, it has some serious bones and can easily take the place of a light red. Explosively aromatic and very easy-drinking.