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    Maquina & Tabla - El Oso y La Alemana Tinto

    Maquina & Tabla - El Oso y La Alemana Tinto

    • winery: Máquina & Tabla
    • vintage: 2019
    • varietal: Tinta de Toro/Garnacha
    • region: Toro, Castilla y León
    • country: spain
    • type: our crushes!/new!
    • ABV: 14.0%
    • size: 750mL

    Looking for a wine full of flavour with intensity while still having finesse? El Oso y La Alemana Tinto is a result of taking a low cost flight to a festival in Berlin and craving a good wine to enjoy in a paper cup while listening to some live music. Made from ungrafted Tinta de Toro and Garnacha vines cultivated following biodynamic principles in Toro. Handharvested, the grapes are destemmed and macerated for two weeks, then aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. It's a fine, delicate and elegant wine, quite different from most full-bodied Toro reds. Notes of dried cherries, vanilla, cedar, bbq, and leather. High acid balanced by grippy tannins, with good weight and a oh so smooth finish.