Grape Crush | Les Capriades - La Bulle Rouge

    Les Capriades



    Les Capriades - La Bulle Rouge

    Les Capriades - La Bulle Rouge

    • winery: Les Capriades
    • vintage: NV
    • varietal: Gamay
    • region: Loire Valley
    • country: france
    • ABV: 12.0%
    • size: 750mL

    We can’t express enough how excited we are to have Les Capriades in our shop. Winemakers Pascal Potaire and Moses Gadouche are known as the Kings of Pet-Nat in France, and once you taste this wine you’ll understand why. Having spent years using 100% organic grapes from Touraine to hone their production, they built a reputation for making top tiere low intervention, no additive pétillant naturel. On top of all that, their beautiful ruby-coloured Bulle Rouge boasts an incredible structure and sophistication. Bone dry, plentiful and playful bubbles, raspberry and red currant, and rich buttery pie crust make it irresistible on first sip. Get ready to fall as hard as we have! 💖