Grape Crush | Laurent Cazottes - Rackham

    Laurent Cazottes



    Laurent Cazottes - Rackham

    Laurent Cazottes - Rackham

    • winery: Laurent Cazottes
    • vintage: 2020
    • varietal: Juraçon Noir
    • country: france
    • type: our crushes!
    • ABV: 13.0%
    • size: 750mL

    A Grape Crush favourite! We love Cazottes' Rackham so much, it warms our heart. Rackham has an expressive nose full of fruit, flowers and spices. Think raspberry, black cherry, peony, rose, cinnamon, touch of delicate pepper. In the mouth the expression is exquisite and greedy with crunchy tannins with the slightest fizz. A unique natural wine that always delivers, trust us.