Grape Crush | Domaine Milan - Reynard Rebels

    Domaine Henri Milan



    Domaine Milan - Reynard Rebels

    Domaine Milan - Reynard Rebels

    • winery: Domaine Henri Milan
    • vintage: 2021
    • varietal: Merlot/Carignan
    • region: Provence
    • country: france
    • ABV: 13.5%
    • size: 750mL

    Reynard Rebels takes its name from the town of Chateaurenard where the grapes come from, and "rebels" because they were initially intended for the cooperative but saved by the Milan Estate. Expect a funky Merlot and Carignan blend with lots of fruity raspberry notes and classic Carignan spices. Juicy and chillable, it's a super food-driven summer sipper that will go down as quick as a fox.