Grape Crush | Colleformica - "Gialla" Vino Bianco




    Colleformica - "Gialla" Vino Bianco

    Colleformica - "Gialla" Vino Bianco

    • winery: Colleformica
    • vintage: 2019
    • varietal: Malvasia/Trebbiano.
    • region: Lazio
    • country: italy
    • type: our crushes!
    • ABV: 12.0%
    • size: 750mL

    This orange wine is made with 75% Malvasia and 25% Trebbiano - spontaneous fermentation with 7 days skin contact, and aged in fibreglass until bottling. Minimal added sulfur and no filtering or fining. On the nose, baked pears, honey, citrus, apple. On the palate, more apples and pears but also chamomile, and crunchy lemon with just the right amount of minerality to finish. Medium in acidity and medium in body with a great touch of tannins. Skin-contact Malvasia at its tastiest with a kick of Trebbiano to smooth it out.