Grape Crush | Amorro Blanco Ancestrale Pet Nat

    Bodega Vinificate



    Amorro Blanco Ancestrale Pet Nat

    Amorro Blanco Ancestrale Pet Nat

    • winery: Bodega Vinificate
    • vintage: 2019
    • varietal: Palomino
    • region: Cádiz
    • country: spain
    • ABV: 13.0%
    • size: 750mL

    Amorro Blanco Espumoso is made with 100% Palomino grapes using ancestral methods which give the wine a natural sparkling quality. The grapes were harvested from two different vineyards in Chiclana – Pago el Marquesado - with sandy soil and the other is albariza soil. Dry, clean, and well-rounded with fresh fruity notes of apple, citrus, and apricot, with a hint of salinity and fantastic acidity. Fun fact: in the local dialect "Amorro" means "to drink straight from the bottle."