Grape Crush | ‘Sacromontino’ Sangiovese (1L)

    Castello Di Potentino



    ‘Sacromontino’ Sangiovese (1L)

    ‘Sacromontino’ Sangiovese (1L)

    • winery: Castello Di Potentino
    • vintage: 2019
    • varietal: Sangiovese
    • region: Tuscany
    • country: italy
    • type: large format
    • ABV: 14.5%
    • size: 1000mL

    Sacromonte or “Sacred Mountain” is a play on the name of their aged Sangiovese as it only has 6 months ageing in stainless steel to produce a fresher more exuberant young wine. Hence the ‘ino’ ending which is the diminutive in Italian which means smaller or little version. Fresh and vibrant with black currant leaf, red berries and a subtle earthiness supported by light spice and tannin structure.