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    • ‘Sacromontino’ Sangiovese (1L)
      ‘Sacromontino’ Sangiovese (1L)

      Sacromonte or “Sacred Mountain” is a play on the name of their aged Sangiovese as it only has 6 months ageing in stainl...

      Price $31.99
    • ‘Tara’ Pecorino
      ‘Tara’ Pecorino

      Hand-harvested Pecorino grown in the clay-sand soil of the Tarà estate vineyard. Fruit is gently pressed then fermented...

      Price $24.99
    • ‘Tara’ Rosso Piceno
      ‘Tara’ Rosso Piceno

      Tenuta Cocci Grifoni is a women-led family winery with certified organic vineyards. Tara Rosso Piceno is a blend of 50%...

      Price $24.99
    • 101 Cider House - Scrumpy
      101 Cider House - Scrumpy

      A traditional farmhouse-style cider. Fresh apples are grown along Highway 101, which are then cold-pressed into a delic...

      Price $8.99
    • 20,000 Leguas
      20,000 Leguas

      An easy-drinking, "gateway orange wine". Bold and complex and a fan favourite. Pale orange colour with aromas of tropic...

      Price $25.99
    • A Vita - Leuko
      A Vita - Leuko

      Uncanny elegance from this Calabrian orange wine. Both drinkable and complex, it's a great example of the future of thi...

      Price $41.99
    • A Vita - Rosato
      A Vita - Rosato

      A natural wine lovers' rosé from a tiny, underrated farm in Calabria. Sophisticated, elegant and fuller body. This wine...

      Price $41.99
    • Abbia Nòva Senza Vandalismi Rosso Cesanese del Piglio
      Abbia Nòva Senza Vandalismi Rosso Cesanese del Piglio

      A fan favourite is back! Abbia Nòva is a wine estate whose name refers to an ancient Roman road linking the town of Pig...

      Price $39.99
    • Adamo Estate Red
      Adamo Estate Red

      This unique red wine is juicy, rich and ripe. There are jammy flavours of both red and black fruits from the Pinot Noir...

      Price $15.99
    • Adamo Gamay Nouveau
      Adamo Gamay Nouveau

      Very juicy and light! This wine is glou glou with a touch of funk. Like a true Gamay Nouveau, this wine is stainless st...

      Price $19.99
    • Adamo Pet Nat
      Adamo Pet Nat

      Legacy Pinot Blanc Pét Nat was hand harvested and selected for ripe fruit flavours and balanced acidity. This old world...

      Price $22.99
    • Additional Delivery
      Additional Delivery

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    • Affino Aperitivo
      Affino Aperitivo

      Affino is a bold reimagining of the classic Italian aperitivo. With a herbal backbone, Affino has a pronounced lemon fl...

      Price $32.99
    • Alpha Box & Dice Grenache
      Alpha Box & Dice Grenache

      Moving away from traditional McLaren Vale heavy and over-oaked grenache to bring you a bright and light, glou glou grea...

      Price $32.99
    • Antica Enotria Puglia Rosso
      Antica Enotria Puglia Rosso

      Luigi makes natural, dry, crunchy, refreshing reds - totally the opposite of what Puglia is famous for - which is aweso...

      Price $27.99
    • Arabesques Chopine
      Arabesques Chopine

      A natural gem. Old vine biodynamic 100% Carignan from Roussillon made completely naturally by Saskia Van der Horst. Thi...

      Price $45.99
    • Ausonia Bruco Pet-Nat
      Ausonia Bruco Pet-Nat

      This golden Pet-Nat delivers great minerality, charming acidity, and yeast, with a bouquet of citrus, hay, dried flower...

      Price $39.99
    • Autour De L'Anne Pot D'Anne
      Autour De L'Anne Pot D'Anne

      Pot d’Anne roughly translates to Anne’s drink, and is also a nod to Peau d’âne, a 17th-century fairy tale. A super arom...

      Price $40.99
    • Backhouse Pinot Noir
      Backhouse Pinot Noir

      Backhouse wines originate from select vineyards located in California’s acclaimed Northern Interior, Sacramento Delta a...

      Price $19.99
    • Baggu - Blue/Brown Wavy Strip
      Baggu - Blue/Brown Wavy Strip

      Reusable bags, perfectly sized for bottles of wine — or olive oil, or sparkling water, or kombucha... the list goes on!...

      Price $12.99
    • Bianco Cooperado
      Bianco Cooperado

      We are super excited to get our hands on Herrera Alvarado wines! Their cooperative Chardonnay from 30 year old vines is...

      Price $40.99
    • Bianco di Ampeleia
      Bianco di Ampeleia

      Ampeleia used cuttings from a neighbour's old vines to plant a local biotype of Trebbiano Toscano back in 2013. The win...

      Price $49.99
    • Bonnie Vivant Pet-Nat
      Bonnie Vivant Pet-Nat

      This wine was made for us! Bonnie and her disco ball are ready to take your weekend to the next level. A Chablis-style,...

      Price $38.99
    • Botanica - Cabernet Franc
      Botanica - Cabernet Franc

      “Big Flower” refers to the protea flowers cultivated on the same farm as the vines. An elegant red which displays dark...

      Price $44.99
    • Boutinot Cotes du Rhone Villages Les Coteaux
      Boutinot Cotes du Rhone Villages Les Coteaux

      Boutinot Côtes du Rhône Villages 'Les Coteaux' is a selection of the best Grenache Noir and Syrah from some of the 17 n...

      Price $21.99
    • Ca C'est Bon!
      Ca C'est Bon!

      This juicy Gamay is made with carbonic maceration, which also has plenty of length. Some of this length comes from the...

      Price $38.99
    • Calabretta Gaio Gaio
      Calabretta Gaio Gaio

      The perfect introduction to Calabretta’s wines. There’s a vibrant edge to all of their wines that draws you in with man...

      Price $36.99
    • Calcagno Riterza
      Calcagno Riterza

      Our first wine from Calcagno and it does not disappoint. From the legendary region of Etna, the Riterza is an elegant a...

      Price $44.99
    • Calypso Rose Pet Nat - Grape Crush X Banded Purple
      Calypso Rose Pet Nat - Grape Crush X Banded Purple

      Banded Purple and Grape Crush have teamed up with the help of our friends at Traynor Winery to bring you this 100% Sauv...

      Price $23.99
    • Cantina Barbera - Tivitti
      Cantina Barbera - Tivitti

      It's back and we're obsessed! Skin fermented, grown on the sunny coast of Sicily, Marilena Barbera makes some of Italy'...

      Price $32.99
    • Cantina di Soliera Lambrusco
      Cantina di Soliera Lambrusco

      Another rose Lambrusco to crush over! A pale, delicate and fragrant dry Lambrusco which defies all expectations. Intens...

      Price $21.99
    • Cantina Giardino Tu Rosato
      Cantina Giardino Tu Rosato

      Cantina Giardino never disappoints. We are so happy to get a limited run of the TU! Tu transforms the complexity of Agl...

      Price $57.99
    • Casa Belfi Frizzante Rosso
      Casa Belfi Frizzante Rosso

      A sparkling red, you say? Made from Raboso grapes, naturally fermented in the bottle, from Guyot-trained vines in a fla...

      Price $35.99
    • Castello di Roncade - Prosecco Brut
      Castello di Roncade - Prosecco Brut

      Crispy, dry, skillfully made bubbles that tickle your nose with green tangerine, almond, apple and pear notes. Made at...

      Price $25.99
    • Caves du Luberon - Alidon (Blanc)
      Caves du Luberon - Alidon (Blanc)

      The cellar has been making wine since 1923 in Luberon, in the heart of Provence. Refreshing and lively, this Provence w...

      Price $19.99
    • Caves du Luberon - Alidon (Red)
      Caves du Luberon - Alidon (Red)

      The cellar has been making wine since 1923 in Luberon, in the heart of Provence. 70% Syrah, 30% Grenache this wine has...

      Price $19.99
    • Caves du Luberon - Alidon (Rosé)
      Caves du Luberon - Alidon (Rosé)

      A classic Provence rosé with notes of grapefruit, mandarin and lemon dominating. Blend of Shiraz/Syrah, Grenache, Cinsa...

      Price $19.99
    • Cervarola Damigella
      Cervarola Damigella

      Funky sparkling trebbianno blend from one of our favourite producers from Emilia Romagna. Driven with vibrant citrus no...

      Price $38.99
    • Channing Daughters - Rosso Fresco
      Channing Daughters - Rosso Fresco

      Beautiful high-toned aromas of crushed red plums, raspberries and forest earth. A fresh style natural red wine, wild fe...

      Price $39.99
    • Chardonnay Hill Street (Non-Alc Wine)
      Chardonnay Hill Street (Non-Alc Wine)

      Vin(Zero) Chardonnay is so tasty and delicious, upon your first sip you will you won't be able to help but ask, “where...

      Price $18.99
    • Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac
      Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac

      Low intervention winemaking at its best. Packed with black cherry, smokey licorice and mint with a hint of tobacco and...

      Price $31.99
    • Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac Blanc
      Chateau Barouillet Bergecrac Blanc

      Bergecrac Blanc ticks all the boxes in terms of viticulture and vinification - an expressive blend of white grapes that...

      Price $31.99
    • Chateau Roquegrave
      Chateau Roquegrave

      A 2012 gem from north of the Medoc appellation in Bordeaux. Château Roquegrave is in it's 4th generation of winemaking,...

      Price $31.99
    • Cheddar Crinkle Chips
      Cheddar Crinkle Chips

      Each batch of these Covered Cheddar Cheese Salt Crinkle Cut Potato Chips is cooked with care just like they were made i...

      Price $4.99
    • Clos de L'Elu Maupiti VDP Rouge
      Clos de L'Elu Maupiti VDP Rouge

      Loire valley rock stars, Terre L'Elu are making huge waves in the natural wine scene. Outstandingly complex, subtle yet...

      Price $52.99
    • Clos Lentiscus Blanc Brut Nature
      Clos Lentiscus Blanc Brut Nature

      We have been waiting to get our hands on this delight from Clos Lentiscus! A naturally sparkling wine, fermented in bot...

      Price $48.99
    • Clos Lentiscus Perill Noir Carinyena
      Clos Lentiscus Perill Noir Carinyena

      Clos Lentiscus Perill Noir Carinyena is a natural wine made with Carignan, planted on clayey-calcareous soils. This is...

      Price $55.99
    • Cloudsley Cellars Pinot Noir
      Cloudsley Cellars Pinot Noir

      Niagara sourced Pinot Noir from Glen Elgin & Homestead. It’s elegance, minerality and balanced acidity tell the story o...

      Price $29.99
    • Col Fondo White
      Col Fondo White

      Riccardo Zanotto is one of a small group of producers in the Prosecco region that is bringing back the traditional way...

      Price $40.99
    • Completo Vino Rosso (1L)
      Completo Vino Rosso (1L)

      ‘Completo’, the Ferro family's kitchen sink blend and the one they sell out of demijohns (big reusable glass jugs) to t...

      Price $44.99
    • Covered Bridge Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño Chips
      Covered Bridge Sweet & Spicy Jalapeño Chips

      Do you have a spice for life? You certainly will when snacking on these Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno kettle-cooked chips made...

      Price $4.99
    • Crew Sauvage Chardonnay
      Crew Sauvage Chardonnay

      A true Niagara wine focused on a blend of organic, biodynamic and sustainably farmed vineyards throughout the Peninsula...

      Price $25.99
    • Cuvee Emma Rouge
      Cuvee Emma Rouge

      Emma embodies the purity of natural wine. A full-bodied style, loaded with black crushed fruit. Lush and dark, perfect...

      Price $40.99
    • Cuvee Jean Paul Red
      Cuvee Jean Paul Red

      The Grenache and Syrah grapes selected from the Southern Rhone of France and when blended together, produce a wine that...

      Price $19.99
    • Cuvee Jean Paul White
      Cuvee Jean Paul White

      The rolling hills between scattered medieval towns and villages of Gascony are predominately white wine country. It was...

      Price $19.99
    • Daniele Saccoletto - I Tigli Bianco
      Daniele Saccoletto - I Tigli Bianco

      Flashback to one of our very first Grape Crush events, I Tigli stole the show! We are so happy to have this available i...

      Price $38.99
    • Denavolo Catavela
      Denavolo Catavela

      Catavela is all light, fresh, floral, and salty goodness! Spending 7 days on the skins, Catavela is Guilio’s baby orang...

      Price $42.99
    • Dillon's Cherry Gin - 750ml
      Dillon's Cherry Gin - 750ml

      A traditional dry gin infused with cherries and botanicals and then lightly sweetened. Excellent as an aperitif or in c...

      Price $48.99
    • Dogma Rose
      Dogma Rose

      A natural rose that you must try! The Dogma Rosé is an equal blend of Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent, from sandy, loamy,...

      Price $47.99
    • Domaine de Carmignan - Cotes du Rhones 2018
      Domaine de Carmignan - Cotes du Rhones 2018

      Family vineyard acquired in 2011 by Lavau brothers. Domaine de Carmignan covers 30 hectares on the right bank of the Rh...

      Price $21.99
    • Domaine Faillenc Corbieres
      Domaine Faillenc Corbieres

      The Corbières Rouge is made from a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault. This is a wine with enormous character often...

      Price $29.99
    • Domaine Frederic Brouca - Champs Pentus Magnum (1.5L)
      Domaine Frederic Brouca - Champs Pentus Magnum (1.5L)

      This big beauty is back in a big bottle! Single-vineyard blend of Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre from our favourite, Frede...

      Price $81.99
    • Domaine Lucien Jacob Bourgogne - 2018
      Domaine Lucien Jacob Bourgogne - 2018

      This rosé de saigneé is both rich in bold fruit flavour and colour while remaining completely dry. A must have all year...

      Price $37.99
    • Domaine Viret Energie
      Domaine Viret Energie

      Viret is a pioneer of Natural wine and 'Cosmoculture' in the deep South of France. The moon and planet alignment are al...

      Price $36.99
    • Domaine Viret Renaissance
      Domaine Viret Renaissance

      Viret is a pioneer of natural wine and 'Cosmoculture' in the deep South of France. This is one of the most exciting raw...

      Price $47.99
    • Domini del Leone Bianco IGT
      Domini del Leone Bianco IGT

      Fresh and fruity, with hints of white flowers and a surprisingly mineral sensation given by the Mediterrean breeze and...

      Price $19.99
    • Domini del Leone Rosso IGT
      Domini del Leone Rosso IGT

      Shocking value, this wine has legit complexity for those that notice and a great price for those that won't. Sommelier'...

      Price $19.99
    • Doudet Naudin Pinot Noir
      Doudet Naudin Pinot Noir

      The Pinot Noir Vin de France of Doudet-Naudin is a wine full of delicacy. Presented under the Vin de France classificat...

      Price $27.99
    • È Bianco! (1L)
      È Bianco! (1L)

      Super crisp, super refreshing, super gluggable. Aromas of apple, lemon, hay, white flowers and chalky minerality. Lemon...

      Price $36.99
    • È Rosso! (1L)
      È Rosso! (1L)

      We love the E Rosso! Another natural gem from Poderi Cellario. A vibrant violet colour with a palate full of berries an...

      Price $36.99
    • Elora Alpine Electric Saison
      Elora Alpine Electric Saison

      This Saison is totally Gnar Gnar! Dry-hopped with exciting new hops from BSG, Aurum and Diamant bring out effervescent...

      Price $3.99
    • Elora Blackbird Stout
      Elora Blackbird Stout

      next-levelBlackbird is a dark and bold imperial stout. This is a next level beer with additions of Amaretto, sweet cher...

      Price $4.99
    • Elora Borealis Citra Pale Ale
      Elora Borealis Citra Pale Ale

      Elora Borealis is a lightly malted pale ale that is bittered, flavoured, and dry-hopped exclusively with Citra Hops. A...

      Price $2.99
    • Elora Lodestar Plum Sour
      Elora Lodestar Plum Sour

      Lodestar is back! This time with plums added to bring out a tart kick. With a bold fruit aroma and a balanced finish, t...

      Price $2.99
    • Elora Shine IPA
      Elora Shine IPA

      The Elora shine is a sunny summer IPA lives up to its name with bright and juicy tropical fruit flavours. 6.0% ABV 473m...

      Price $2.99
    • Els Bassots
      Els Bassots

      Limited quantities of this beautiful wine from Joan Ramón Escoda. He is aa radical winemaker, a rock'n'roller and a gra...

      Price $56.99
    • Éric Texier 'Chat Fou'
      Éric Texier 'Chat Fou'

      This iconic red is more delicate and aromatic compared to many other Cotes du Rhone, and is the wine that has made Éric...

      Price $39.99
    • Evelyn's Cheddar Crispies
      Evelyn's Cheddar Crispies

      Sifted spelt with 2-year-old aged cheddar and Stirling Creamery butter! Dawn, the producer behind Evelyn's Crackers, is...

      Price $7.99
    • Evelyn's Slightly Seedy Crackers
      Evelyn's Slightly Seedy Crackers

      A sourdough cracker made with Red Fife wheat milled by Ontario farmers committed to nutrition and long-term agricultura...

      Price $7.99
    • Fairweather Beki
      Fairweather Beki

      Sour ale with lactose & lemon juice. Conditioned on lemon zest, cucumber & mint. 4.8.% ABV 473mL can

      Price $5.99
    • Fairweather Grace
      Fairweather Grace

      Hoppy pale ale with lemon zest and Earl Grey tea. Notes of honeydew, bergamot, and vanilla. 5.5% ABV 473mL can

      Price $4.99
    • Fairweather High Grade (472mL can)
      Fairweather High Grade (472mL can)

      Fairweather's flagship American IPA. Assertively hopped & fruit-forward. Tropical notes of mango, pineapple, nectarine,...

      Price $4.99
    • Fairweather Late Lunch
      Fairweather Late Lunch

      Hazy IPA, heavily dry-hopped with Simcoe, Citra and Motueka. Notes of honeydew melon, lemon, peach. 6.5% ABV 473mL can

      Price $5.99
    • Fairweather Menagerie (473mL can)
      Fairweather Menagerie (473mL can)

      Pale Ale brewed & dry-hopped exclusively with Citra hops. Notes of green mango, melon, pineapple, honey. 5.4% ABV 473m...

      Price $4.99
    • Fairweather Tea Totaler
      Fairweather Tea Totaler

      Hoppy pale ale with orange zest and rooibos tea. Notes of orange, bubblegum, papaya. 5.0% ABV 473mL can

      Price $4.99
    • Fattoria Nanni Arsicci
      Fattoria Nanni Arsicci

      This is an easy-drinking Verdicchio! The Arsicci shows savoury yellow fruit, such as apples and peaches, along with whi...

      Price $35.99
    • Fattoria Sammontanna - Alberese
      Fattoria Sammontanna - Alberese

      This wine is a nod to the old tradition that made Trebbiano a compulsory component of any Chianti blend. Almost entirel...

      Price $27.99
    • Fattoria Sardi Pet-Nat Bianco
      Fattoria Sardi Pet-Nat Bianco

      Bright, easy, and the perfect celebratory sipper! It's our go-to wine for crudités and dips, octopus and seafood, the l...

      Price $33.99
    • Fidora Prosecco
      Fidora Prosecco

      Elegant, rich aromas of crispy apple and pears with hints of citrus and white flowers. Mineral, dry and fresh on the pa...

      Price $25.99
    • First Contact
      First Contact

      Naturally fermented on skins for 17 days, energetic, low abv. and delicious! Born from a partnership that started on Li...

      Price $28.99
    • Flower Girl Pet-Nat
      Flower Girl Pet-Nat

      A quirky little fizz. Reminiscent of autumn hedgerows, bramble fruit and plums. Bright but heady with a little funk. O...

      Price $42.99
    • Franz Weninger - Ponzichter
      Franz Weninger - Ponzichter

      A beautiful symbiosis of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt grapes - a.k.a the light red wine of our dreams! Ponzichter is the old...

      Price $39.99
    • Gavioli Lambrusco Ancestrale
      Gavioli Lambrusco Ancestrale

      The elegant complexity makes every bottle a unique experience, ideal for the ones looking to rediscover a wine with a r...

      Price $34.99
    • Gift Card
      Gift Card
      Price $25.00
    • Gift Wrap!
      Gift Wrap!

      Customize your purchase with gift wrap and a card with a special message. Include your "to", "from" and message in the...

      Price $1.99
    • Gilbert Chardonnay
      Gilbert Chardonnay

      One word - WOW. We love this Chardonnay! I know, another Chardonnay, but don't let us lose your attention there. Source...

      Price $51.99
    • Grangeneuve Bordeaux
      Grangeneuve Bordeaux

      Great value from Bordeaux that is lightly oaked and well balanced. A juicy wine that will pair well with your barbecue,...

      Price $19.99
    • Grape Crush Pet-Nat
      Grape Crush Pet-Nat

      Grape Crush has teamed up with the help of our friends at Traynor Winery to bring you this Red Petillant Naturel! This...

      Price $23.99
    • GreenLane Chardonnay
      GreenLane Chardonnay

      This versatile wine is a blend of 40% oak and 60% stainless steel fermented fruit. This food friendly crowd pleaser has...

      Price $14.99
    • Guerra Rojo Vermouth
      Guerra Rojo Vermouth

      A spiced, evergreen perfumed red vermouth with an expected degree of sweetness and warm appeal. Complex and aromatic an...

      Price $26.99
    • Haberdasher - Red Vermouth
      Haberdasher - Red Vermouth

      Haberdasher is a highly aromatic fortified wine and is infused with 20 locally farmed and foraged herbs and botanicals....

      Price $25.99
    • Henri de Richemer - Sauvignon blanc Pays d'Oc
      Henri de Richemer - Sauvignon blanc Pays d'Oc

      Located in the heart of the Languedoc, caves Richemer is bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Lively, crisp and clean Sauvi...

      Price $19.99
    • Henri Milan - Reynard Rebel
      Henri Milan - Reynard Rebel

      This is a super funky blend that Goldilocks would love. "Reynart" means fox in French. Wines were initially intended fo...

      Price $38.99
    • Hill Street Sparkling Brut (Non-Alc Wine)
      Hill Street Sparkling Brut (Non-Alc Wine)

      Who doesn’t love the bubbly? This alcohol free sparkling is fun, zesty, poppy, and delicious! It’s like a boy band in a...

      Price $18.99
    • Horseshoes and Handgrenades
      Horseshoes and Handgrenades

      A unique and distinctive garage wine made by sommelier Andre Hueston. It is a fruit-driven, full-bodied complex red ble...

      Price $31.99
    • Hou La La Pinot Noir
      Hou La La Pinot Noir

      (H)ou la la! A natural Pinot Noir - sign us up! A bit bolder and richer than one might expect from Loire. On the nose,...

      Price $40.99
    • Il Baffone
      Il Baffone

      Another gem from Poderi Cellario. Working only with local, indigenous Piedmontese grape varieties, they fiercely defend...

      Price $34.99
    • Il Barrusco
      Il Barrusco

      Another gem from Poderi Cellario. Working only with local, indigenous Piedmontese grape varieties, they fiercely defend...

      Price $34.99
    • Iler Road Cider
      Iler Road Cider

      Iler Road Cider is a dry style sparkling cider made of 100% Braeburn Apples from Harrow, Ontario. With Champagne yeast,...

      Price $4.49
    • Je T'ai Dans La Peau
      Je T'ai Dans La Peau

      A natural beauty! Hand harvested, 12-day carbonic maceration, no sulfur added, unfined, unfiltered. The result is a bea...

      Price $43.99
    • Joao Tavares Rufia Laranja
      Joao Tavares Rufia Laranja

      Wow! Now we know why Joao’s orange wine has developed a cult-like devotion! This blend of Portuguese varietals provide...

      Price $42.99
    • Kamara - Pure Nimbus
      Kamara - Pure Nimbus

      Dimitrios Kioutsoukis and his family decided to give up city life to be more connected to nature, moving to Thessalonik...

      Price $42.99
    • Kamara - Shadow Play
      Kamara - Shadow Play

      Dimitrios Kioutsoukis and his family decided to give up city life to be more connected to nature, moving to Thessalonik...

      Price $45.99
    • Kröv Mosel QBA - Steffensberg 2005
      Kröv Mosel QBA - Steffensberg 2005

      Cook up your favourite spicy dish and pour this classic wine to accompany. Made from fully ripe grapes at late harvest,...

      Price $42.99
    • L'Ecu Nobis
      L'Ecu Nobis

      A cuvée vinified to be fruity made from 100% Syrah. Light tannins, with a very subtle body and a velvety finish. Notes...

      Price $33.99
    • La Bambina Rose
      La Bambina Rose

      For the OG Grape Crush fans who came to our events, I think we can agree that this was one of our all time favourite wi...

      Price $32.99
    • La Boscana Tinto - Grenache/Tempranillo/Syrah
      La Boscana Tinto - Grenache/Tempranillo/Syrah

      Wildly juicy with forest berries and strawberry, rhubarb pie and white chocolate. A tempranillo, garnatxa and syrah ble...

      Price $27.99
    • La Dula Garnacha de Altura by Sierra de Toloño
      La Dula Garnacha de Altura by Sierra de Toloño

      Beautiful, elegant and charming Garnacha from 80 years old vines. With high altitude growing, the juice is intense, pur...

      Price $45.99
    • La Sauvignonne
      La Sauvignonne

      This skin-contact Sauvignon Blanc comes from grapes grown in clay and limestone soils. Musty and mousey. Astringent, cl...

      Price $43.99
    • La Sorga Carimou
      La Sorga Carimou

      Carimou is ruby ​​red. On the nose it tastes of red fruit, berries, sour cherries, dark chocolate, and sweet spices. On...

      Price $52.99
    • La Sorga Rouge
      La Sorga Rouge

      La Sorga is one of the pioneers of natural wines and the Brutal movement. 60 yr old vine Cinsault grown on slate soils,...

      Price $51.99
    • La Zaranda Blanco
      La Zaranda Blanco

      We are super excited to get our hands on Herrera Alvarado wines! Carolina and Arturo are pioneers in the natural wine s...

      Price $45.99
    • Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Red
      Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Red

      From the volcanic soils, this is elegant, intense, complex and consistent. Multi-layered flavours with plum, cherry, st...

      Price $19.99
    • Le Ragnaie - Vino Bianco
      Le Ragnaie - Vino Bianco

      This unique amber-hued beauty is acidic and balanced, with notes of dried apricot. 50% Trebbiano, 50% Malvasia, ferment...

      Price $59.99
    • Lelarge Pugeot Tradition
      Lelarge Pugeot Tradition

      Did someone say Champagne? Champagne Lelarge-Pugeot is a boutique, organic grower based in Vrigny, a Premier Cru villag...

      Price $69.99
    • Les Equilibristes - Le Joufflu
      Les Equilibristes - Le Joufflu

      We love the Joufflu! First time appearance for this vintage, but a sister wine to the popular Hirsute! Pure, unadultera...

      Price $40.99
    • Les Traverses Rouge Domaine de Courbissac
      Les Traverses Rouge Domaine de Courbissac

      Clean and classic, lovely and lush! Les Traverses Rouge is a smooth and juicy red wine from Languedoc, with that perfec...

      Price $30.99
    • Loimer Pet Nat mit Achtung
      Loimer Pet Nat mit Achtung

      Another dreamy pet-nat! The Muskateller for this biodynamic pet-nat comes from marine and limestone gravels in Kamptal....

      Price $39.99
    • Louis-Antoine Luyt Pet Nat
      Louis-Antoine Luyt Pet Nat

      Introducing a fun pet-nat from Louis-Antoine Luyt, the producer of our beloved Pipeno litre bottles! This naturally spa...

      Price $46.99
    • Lua Cheia ‘Maria Bonita’
      Lua Cheia ‘Maria Bonita’

      This is a very cool collective from Vinho Verde, representing one of the most important winegrowing regions of Portugal...

      Price $23.99
    • Madson - Les Enfants du Soleil
      Madson - Les Enfants du Soleil

      Whole cluster fermentation, unfined, unfiltered & organic. Energetic and complex in the glass, with notes of lemon curd...

      Price $54.99
    • Maison Ventenac - Aure
      Maison Ventenac - Aure

      Dare we say - yes way, rosé! The Aure is a crowd pleaser. It's hard to think of an occasion that this wine isn't perfec...

      Price $24.99
    • Maison Ventenac L'Intrus
      Maison Ventenac L'Intrus

      l’Intrus is your coziest feeling wrapped up in a bottle. It shines on the nose being remarkably vibrant with notes of j...

      Price $31.99
    • Maison Ventenac Le Paria
      Maison Ventenac Le Paria

      A juicy and explosive wine! The Ventenac family winery is deeply rooted in this terroir and firmly dedicated to creatin...

      Price $31.99
    • Maison Ventenac Pierre
      Maison Ventenac Pierre

      One more banger to add to the Maison Ventenac fam because we truly can't get enough. Pierre is 80% Cabernet Sauvignon,...

      Price $25.99
    • Mansois - Dimanche Sous un Cerisier
      Mansois - Dimanche Sous un Cerisier

      If you are missing the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon in the South-West of France, this is what you need in your life!...

      Price $20.99
    • Mash Pitt
      Mash Pitt

      A cloudy treat with an immense aromatic nose. You'll be overwhelmed with orange blossom, white pepper, bruised apple pe...

      Price $59.99
    • Matthieu Barret Petit Ours
      Matthieu Barret Petit Ours

      One of the most coveted, yet accessible natural wines in France. From legendary winemaker Matthieu Barret of Domaine de...

      Price $43.99
    • McClure's Garlic & Dill Pickles
      McClure's Garlic & Dill Pickles

      Tangy and full of flavour, these garlic dill pickles are crunchy and bright. Use the leftover brine to marinate tofu an...

      Price $11.99
    • McClure's Sweet & Spicy Pickles
      McClure's Sweet & Spicy Pickles

      Sweet and Spicy, Spicy and Sweet - have the best of both worlds with this perfect pickle! Pair these up with crackers,...

      Price $11.99
    • Methode Sauvage Bloom Phase
      Methode Sauvage Bloom Phase

      This is the "choose your own adventure" of red wines. A California riff on the lighter Southern Rhone reds you can find...

      Price $59.99
    • Millesimato Prosecco
      Millesimato Prosecco

      A wine of unique pleasure, with a delicate bouquet and bubble that caresses the palate. Fruity, green apple, pear, flor...

      Price $32.99
    • Montfaucon - Lirac
      Montfaucon - Lirac

      Beautiful Lirac is across the Rhone River from Chateauneuf-du-Pape. No oak here people! This Lirac rouge shows lovely a...

      Price $40.99
    • Mosole Refosco
      Mosole Refosco

      Silky and velvety - it's the perfect wine for the cooler temperatures. Find notes of damson plum, mocha latte, cherries...

      Price $28.99
    • Mother Rock 'Force Celeste' Chenin Blanc
      Mother Rock 'Force Celeste' Chenin Blanc

      Natural and funky Chenin from a single vineyard site in Swartland. The grapes are farmed organically as bush vines. 20%...

      Price $32.99
    • Mother Rock 'Force Celeste' Pet Nat
      Mother Rock 'Force Celeste' Pet Nat

      Mother Rock back with a bang. A beautiful salmon-pink Pinotage/Colombard pet-nat! South Africa's native grape is best k...

      Price $40.99
    • Mother Rock Brutal
      Mother Rock Brutal

      Stompie’s BRUTAL is a Chenin Blanc, 10 days of skin contact, using semi-carbonic maceration, and fermented with 100% w...

      Price $54.99
    • Mouflon Pet-Nat
      Mouflon Pet-Nat

      One of our crowd pleasing skin contact wines, the Mouflon, is back with a twist! Seriously fun! Notes of white flowers...

      Price $38.99
    • Mure Signature Sylvaner
      Mure Signature Sylvaner

      Muré's Sylvaner is a lovely wine. It has a very pale, crystal-clear straw-green color. On the nose, it delivers delicat...

      Price $30.99
    • Naturalmente Frizzante Bianco
      Naturalmente Frizzante Bianco

      The wine is light bodied, bone-dry and, without filtering or clarification. Very soft and delicate bubbles typical of F...

      Price $34.99
    • Negotiant Cab Franc Pet-Nat
      Negotiant Cab Franc Pet-Nat

      We love Cab Franc, but we LOVE Therianthropy Cab Franc! This red pet-nat has notes of wild bramble fruit, red apple-ski...

      Price $38.99
    • Neh! - Rosso
      Neh! - Rosso

      'Neh!', is probably the most popular Piedmontese slang word. It is used to give a positive vibes to a conversation or a...

      Price $29.99
    • Niepoort Voyeur Amphora
      Niepoort Voyeur Amphora

      In the usual creative free spirit of Niepoort, in the past few years the Nat'Cool team decided to test vinifying some o...

      Price $44.99
    • Olivier Coste - Cinsault
      Olivier Coste - Cinsault

      This wine is light and fresh. Shows floral peony aromas with pretty plum jam and pomegranate notes on the finish. There...

      Price $24.99
    • Opi D'Aqui - L'Orangeade
      Opi D'Aqui - L'Orangeade

      100% Clairette, a 'lightly orange wine' - macerated slowly for 15 days. Moderate tannins, great structure and complexit...

      Price $44.99
    • Parmesan Garlic Kettle Potato Chips
      Parmesan Garlic Kettle Potato Chips

      The bold taste of Kettle Brand parmesan and garlic is not for the weak of taste. Served up strong on chips cut thick, e...

      Price $4.99
    • Pearce Predhomme - Syrah-Cinsault
      Pearce Predhomme - Syrah-Cinsault

      This low intervention, whole cluster blend of Cinsault (70%) Syrah (30%) is a perfect example of one of the worlds most...

      Price $29.99
    • Pearce Predhomme Chenin Blanc
      Pearce Predhomme Chenin Blanc

      This Chenin Blanc is a wild ferment, meaning that the fermentation started with the grapes' own natural yeasts. On the...

      Price $27.99
    • Pearce Predhomme Pinot Noir
      Pearce Predhomme Pinot Noir

      Oregon Pinot Noir is some of the worlds most exciting expressions of the 'heartbreak' grape. Grown on ancient volcanic...

      Price $39.99
    • Pearl Morissette - Gamay
      Pearl Morissette - Gamay

      Crunchy, vibrant and inviting, this is a Gamay that you can bite into, but it'll also leave you hankering for another g...

      Price $35.99
    • Peau de L'Ours
      Peau de L'Ours

      This playful Chinon poses the lovely red fruit and herbaceous, mineral quality of a northern French red while maintaini...

      Price $36.99
    • Pepita Toscana Rosso
      Pepita Toscana Rosso

      The 2016 vintage of Claudia Ferrero Pepita Toscana Rosso will make you wish you had bought a second bottle. Bold and st...

      Price $39.99
    • Pepperoncini Kettle Potato Chips
      Pepperoncini Kettle Potato Chips

      The world’s divided into two groups of people. Those who love pepperoncini and those who walk around saying, “what’s pe...

      Price $4.99
    • Pinot Noir Pittnauer
      Pinot Noir Pittnauer

      Starts off with loads of pure red and black fruit, with a hint of liquorice. On the palate, complex and quite dark. Fin...

      Price $42.99
    • Pipeño Carrizal (1L)
      Pipeño Carrizal (1L)

      The Carrizal is comes across as richer, everything about the wine is golden, from the colour to the honey-caramel-dry a...

      Price $39.99
    • Pipeño Portezuelo (1L)
      Pipeño Portezuelo (1L)

      Portezuelo is the lightest bodied and least tannic of Luyt pipeños. It is popping with ripe, crunchy red cherry up fron...

      Price $39.99
    • Pirineos - 3404
      Pirineos - 3404

      This sumptuous blend includes the indigenous variety Moristel, reclaimed by the winery from extinction. This variety ad...

      Price $18.99
    • Pirineos Principio Moristel
      Pirineos Principio Moristel

      This indigenous red is grown on a co-op in Northern Spain and is a hidden gem for versatility. A bright, ruby-red in co...

      Price $24.99
    • Pot de Vin Rose
      Pot de Vin Rose

      A refreshing rose with delicate fruit notes and great length. Made from Syrah, it is dry and brings fresh fruit like st...

      Price $24.99
    • Pot de Vin Rouge
      Pot de Vin Rouge

      You had me at Merlot. Light and fruity wine, with notes of juicy red berries, plums, a hint of tobacco, and pleasant ea...

      Price $25.99
    • Rennersistas - Superglitzer
      Rennersistas - Superglitzer

      A blend of Austrian grape varietals, Zweigelt, St Laurent, Rösler and Blaufrankisch. With a short maceration and direct...

      Price $52.99
    • Revel Cider - Long Story
      Revel Cider - Long Story

      Long Story is pretty magical. Buttery, salty oak melds with tropical lychee to create a mind-bending maraschino white-t...

      Price $29.99
    • Rinaldini - Brut Bianco
      Rinaldini - Brut Bianco

      From a family-owned winery that was started in the 1960s, these beautiful bubbles are made with the utmost care and att...

      Price $45.99
    • Rose by Nature Pittnauer
      Rose by Nature Pittnauer

      Rose by Nature is a fun & funky blend of Blaufränkisch (80%), St. Laurent (10%), Zweigelt (10%). From vines grown on so...

      Price $42.99
    • S.M La Sorga
      S.M La Sorga

      An elegant orange wine macerated for a long time on the skins from the Marsanne and Sauvignon grapes of the Languedoc....

      Price $59.99
    • Saint Cosme Côtes-du-Rhône
      Saint Cosme Côtes-du-Rhône

      Unique for the Southern Rhone, this is 100% Syrah with lots of depth for a modest price. Chateau Saint Cosme is a famil...

      Price $29.99
    • Scarpetta Frico Frizzante 250ml
      Scarpetta Frico Frizzante 250ml

      Crisp, clean, bubbly pleasure in a can. With light refreshing bubbles and flavors of crisp green apples and pear, Frizz...

      Price $5.99
    • Scarpetta Frico Rosso
      Scarpetta Frico Rosso

      Tuscany has had a love affair with the Sangiovese based blends for centuries. While Sangiovese is planted all over cent...

      Price $19.99
    • Scout - Atlantic Canadian Lobster
      Scout - Atlantic Canadian Lobster

      Scout’s lobster is a classic: lobster claw knuckle and tail meat preserved with butter, cold-pressed sunflower oil and...

      Price $11.99
    • Scout - Ontario Trout
      Scout - Ontario Trout

      Scout's trout is a delicious pairing of rainbow lake trout, herbaceous dill and cold-pressed sunflower oil with a bit o...

      Price $9.99
    • Scout - PEI Mussels
      Scout - PEI Mussels

      hand-harvestedScout’s mussels are shucked by hand and preserved with our smoked paprika and fennel tomato sauce. Certif...

      Price $9.99
    • Scout - Wild Albacore Tuna in Organic Olive Oil
      Scout - Wild Albacore Tuna in Organic Olive Oil

      Dive into culinary possibility with Scout’s Albacore Tuna in Organic Olive Oil! Proudly sourced from an MSC Certified r...

      Price $6.99
    • Scout - Wild White Albacore Tuna Garden Pesto
      Scout - Wild White Albacore Tuna Garden Pesto

      Ready to upgrade your tuna game with a culinary twist? Dive into sashimi-grade Wild Albacore Tuna with Herb Pesto for...

      Price $5.99
    • Senza Vandalismi Bianco Passerina
      Senza Vandalismi Bianco Passerina

      Gorgeous lightness and loads of character! Senza Vandalismi Bianco and its nose are full of fresh fruit and delicate fl...

      Price $39.99
    • Shiraz Hill Street (Non-Alc Wine)
      Shiraz Hill Street (Non-Alc Wine)

      Vin(Zero) Shiraz is an easy drinker. It’s drinkable, delicious, and very drinkable. Did we say drinkable? So delicious,...

      Price $18.99
    • Sogno Chardonnay
      Sogno Chardonnay

      An unoaked chardonnay that perfectly balances a smooth mid-palate, a light creaminess and crisp acidity. Sourced from v...

      Price $18.99
    • St-Bris Moury Goisot
      St-Bris Moury Goisot

      A Sauvignon Blanc to change your mind about this varietal forever. Find a far fleshier texture than you may expect of t...

      Price $39.99
    • Stekar - Emilio
      Stekar - Emilio

      Located in Snežatno in the Goriška Brda zone of Slovenia, near the border of Italy, Štekar winery is known for producin...

      Price $37.99
    • Stirm Rose
      Stirm Rose

      You’ll probably be surprised by this wine because many people have preconceived notions of what Riesling tastes like; e...

      Price $43.99
    • Tâcherons - Pinot Noir Pays d'Oc
      Tâcherons - Pinot Noir Pays d'Oc

      Tâcherons is usually used in viticulture to describe somebody working in the vineyard. This Southern french wine has a...

      Price $19.99
    • Tenuta Foresta - Monferrato Bianco
      Tenuta Foresta - Monferrato Bianco

      After the harvest the grapes are destemmed and crushed directly in an amphora made of cocciopesto & a stainless steel v...

      Price $44.99
    • Tenuta Garetto
      Tenuta Garetto

      Tenuta Garetto is located in a very well-known and recognized spot for Barbera. It is located in the heart of the new N...

      Price $24.99
    • Tenuta Montemagno - Solis Vis
      Tenuta Montemagno - Solis Vis

      Beautiful, classic white wine with excellent body and structure. This 2016 vintage has aged and developed into somethin...

      Price $38.99
    • Terre Di Bruca - Quaranta
      Terre Di Bruca - Quaranta

      An organic wine Rosso Nero d'Avola DOC Sicily produced in North-Western Sicily, a vineyard of Gagliardetta. Very soft o...

      Price $32.99
    • Terre di Bruca - Syrano
      Terre di Bruca - Syrano

      A complex syrah with a smooth scent of berries from the forest, spices and roots. Full-bodied, round taste with more bl...

      Price $32.99
    • Terre Di Bruca InMezzo Rosato
      Terre Di Bruca InMezzo Rosato

      Organic Frappato rosato. Spending 36 hours on the skins makes this rosé dark, concentrated and aromatic. Intense notes...

      Price $29.99
    • Tio Pepe
      Tio Pepe

      Clear pale fino sherry. Forward aromas of citrus peel, binned apple, toasted nuts, dried grapes and fruit blossoms. Bon...

      Price $24.99
    • Traynor Family Ophelia Piquette
      Traynor Family Ophelia Piquette

      New vintage, and its even better! Ophelia is bright, refreshing and fun! Piquette, or “little wine” is easy drinking, l...

      Price $17.99
    • Traynor Rose Pet Nat
      Traynor Rose Pet Nat

      Another banger from our friends at Traynor! This 100% Gamay, rose pet-nat is the pick up you need! It is pressed within...

      Price $23.99
    • Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Anfora
      Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Anfora

      Another must try from Cirelli's Trebbiano. The Anfora is a white wine vinified with short maceration in terracotta amph...

      Price $53.99
    • Trediberri - Bricco Mollea
      Trediberri - Bricco Mollea

      Starting with a grand cru, single vineyard site in the grape’s spiritual home of Dogliani, the Dolcetto is fermented in...

      Price $35.99
    • Vines No2 (500mL)
      Vines No2 (500mL)

      BARREL AGED WILD ALE w/ WINE GRAPES Vines is a series of barrel aged wild ales inspired by natural wines. Each batch is...

      Price $13.99
    • Vino Che Non C'e
      Vino Che Non C'e

      Fausto and Cinzia Cellario believe in working only with local, indigenous Piedmontese grape varieties, organic farming,...

      Price $43.99
    • Ward 5 Brut Blanc
      Ward 5 Brut Blanc

      We had an instant crush on this new vintage: the beautiful bubbles are so nicely integrated and complement the wild flo...

      Price $22.99
    • Whispering Meadows Jerky
      Whispering Meadows Jerky

      Whispering Meadows premium all-natural gourmet beef jerky may be the best out there! Protein-rich, lean, tasty and comp...

      Price $8.99
    • Willem's Wermoed - Dutch Dry
      Willem's Wermoed - Dutch Dry

      Herbs and spices from Amsterdam's Botanical Garden, this dry vermouth is a great mixer with subtle green hints and lemo...

      Price $45.99
    • Willem's Wermoed - Original Sweet
      Willem's Wermoed - Original Sweet

      The first and original Dutch Vermouth, sourced from the herbs and spices from Amsterdam's Botanical Gardens. A full fla...

      Price $45.99
    • Yellow Chartreuse
      Yellow Chartreuse

      Yellow Chartreuse was introduced in 1840. Only two Chartreuse monks know the identity of the 130 plants, how to blend...

      Price $94.99
    • Yogurt & Green Onion Kettle Potato Chips
      Yogurt & Green Onion Kettle Potato Chips

      Potatoes cooked to perfection in the finest oils, and then gently seasoned with the freshest, all-natural ingredients a...

      Price $4.99
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